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Osiris V2
Osiris V2

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Osiris V2

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Part Number:IndoorDepron011

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Kit Option
Prop Saver Bands
Prop Saver Bands Qty=15 (+$1.00)
black 8x4.3 Propeller (+$1.50)
Dualsky XM2203TY-17 (+$29.00)
Speed Control
12 amp ESC w/ connector (+$20.00)
DSMx/DSM2 Receiver (+$15.00)
Aileron Servo
Futaba S3114 Qty=1 (+$22.00)
Tail Servos
2.9gr. Servo Qty=2 (+$22.00)
Tattu 2s300 45c (+$8.99)
BSI Foam Safe Thin CA, 1/2oz (+$9.99)
BSI Accelerator (+$6.99)

Wing Span: 34 1/2"
Wing area 295 sq. in.
Weight ready to fly 4.0 to 5.5 oz.

The Osiris V2 from Andrew Jesky is here! Andrew designed the Osiris V2 for the 2010 E-TOC. The V2 changes are all positive. It has a much lighter print scheme with an all new "HD" crisp printing process. The fuselage is 1" shorter and the rudder is larger to improve yaw control. The feather version is milled much more than the original Osiris to reduce the weight even further. Lastly, the kits now come with wheels too! The Osiris V2 (pronounced O-Sigh-Russ), has large drag brakes and multiple side force generators. This is one models that looks as cool on the ground as it does in the air. If you're looking for a world class mono-plane, this is your next plane.

Kit Contents: Depron foam it precut and glue ready. Comes with all carbon fiber strips and rods, laser cut plywood control horns, hinge tape, landing gear with wheels.

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