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32" Edge 540
32' Edge 540

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32" Edge 540

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Part Number:3dEPP005

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White Kit
Neon 8x4.3 Propeller (+$1.25)
Black 8x4.3 Propeller (+$1.25)
Prop Saver Bands
Prop Saver Bands (+$1.00)
26gr. Motor (+$15.00)
Speed Control
12 amp ESC w/ connector (+$20.00)
DSMx/DSM2 Receiver (+$15.00)
Aileron Servo
9gr. Servo Qty=1 (+$5.25)
19gr Didigal Servo Qty=1 (+$10.00)
Tail Servos
9gr. Servo Qty=2 (+$10.50)
450 3s lipo battery (+$10.99)
Foam Tac (+$15.99)

Wing Span: 32"
Wing area 234 sq. in.
Weight ready to fly 6.5 oz.

This aerobatic plane was designed by Leadfeather from RcGroups. The Edge design was spun off of his popular Yak-55 design. With a little tweaking and a few new ideas it is another winner. Compared to the Yak-55 the Edge has a faster feel to it though it retains great control from level through harrier flight and into a real stable hover. Due to the wings strait leading edge it is capable of more aggressive pitch maneuvers. The large ailerons allow for an extreme roll rate. It is also rock solid in knife edge flight. I love this plane!

The kit come with a hardware pack that includes the spar, push rods, motor mount,control horns and landing gear.

To download the instructions, click .

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