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Dualsky XM2223EA-17

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Dualsky XM2223EA-17

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Part Number:Motor006
RPM/V (KV) 1700
Alias(Stator diameter, Magnet length) 1706
Weight(g) 21.0
Diameter(mm) 21.8
Length(mm) 23
Diameter of Shaft(mm) 3.0
Mounting holes pitch(mm) 14/14
Slots,Poles 12,14
Idle Current(Io) @10V(A) 0.4
Resistance(Ri)(mOhm) 286
Cruising power(W)[8 mins] 35.029
Bursts current(A)[15s] 5.7
Peak power(W)[15s] 63.7
Setup 1(No. of Cell, Prop.) 2S, 8x4.3SF
Setup 2(No. of Cell, Prop.) 3S, 6x3HD
Max. weight of sport models(kg) 0.18
Max. weight of 3D models(kg) 0.12

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