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42" Landing Gear kit w/ tail wheel

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42" Landing Gear kit w/ tail wheel

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Part Number:Glue003
Includes 2.25" foam wheels on pre-bent wire gear, plywood plates and a tail wheel assembly. Installation: 1. Cut a 1" deep slot in the bottom of the fusealge even with the leading edge of the wing. 2. Glue the plywood plates to the fuselage sides with the notches on the bottom and lined up with the slot. 3. The gear pushes into the slot and between the plates until the wire nests into the plywood notches. 4. Tail wheel: Assemble the tail wheel as shown. Bend the steering wire 90 degrees 1.5" from the end. Glue the bracket to the fuselage with the vertical wire in the rudder hinge area. Cut a slot and glue the bent steering wire in place. Glue only the horizontal part not the vertical part.

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